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Outstanding Communicator | Digital Badges for CI

Outstanding Communicator

Outstanding communicator

Badge Name:  Outstanding Communicator

Target Audience: CSU Channel Islands Nursing Students

Description: Effective communication in nursing decreases the risk for medical errors and patient harm, improves healthcare delivery, patient satisfaction, and patient-centered experience for the care they receive. The Joint Commission (2015) supports efforts toward communication improvement for improved patient outcomes and safe practice, include SBAR reporting, Speak Up patient safety program, and providing guidelines and standards to improve communication between and among health care providers and patients/families.

Criteria:  Individuals who earned this badge have demonstrated excellence in communication during patient care as identified by the clinical faculty member*. Individuals can demonstrate effective communication in a variety of methods including utilizing effective SBAR (situation, background, assessment, recommendation) techniques in simulation and/or clinical setting, excellence in written charting/documentation, effective patient/family verbal interactions, and/or communication with healthcare providers. Individuals have also read the Joint Commission report Advancing effective communication, cultural competence, and patient- and family-centered care: A roadmap for hospitals, and have completed the ATI Nurses Touch Practice Test on Communication (not applicable to Class of 2016 due to not having access to this Test).

Evidence: To earn the badge, students need to acknowledge that they completed the above criteria by completing this form, and submit a copy of the results of the ATI Nurses Touch Practice Test on Communication online here, after being recognized by a faculty member.

Badge Issuer: CSU Channel Islands Nursing Program

*Faculty can nominate students for this badge here.

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