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Cultural Awareness | Digital Badges for CI

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness Badge

Badge Name:  Cultural Awareness

Target Audience: CSU Channel Islands Students

Description: Cultural awareness is the ability to understand, appreciate, communicate, and interact with persons from cultures and/or belief systems other than one’s own. Students who take these courses have made efforts to gain an understanding of the cultural and psychosocial factors that may have an influence on worldview, behavior, health, communication, and practices.

Criteria: Individuals who earn this badge must complete a minimum of 6 units of coursework in culturally related courses. Examples of applicable courses at CI include: NRS 354 Cultural Competence in Nursing Health Care (4 units), NRS/PSY/SOC 348 Healthy Aging (3 units), ANTH 443 Medical Anthropology (3 units), ANTH 102 Cultural Anthropology (3 units), NRS/PSY 342 Complementary and Alternative Health, ANTH 106 Culture and Communications: Introductions to Linguistic Anthropology (3 units), CHS/COMM//HLTH/NRS 343 Health Issues in the Latina/o Community, ANTH 361 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America and Caribbean (3 units), NRS 356 Vulnerable Populations (3 units). Other outside courses could be considered with provided documentation of the course description, course objectives, and completion of the course. The individual must read the article Standards of practice for culturally competent nursing care: 2011 update by Douglas et al. (2011), and must review the content and take the quiz offered by The Provider’s Guide to Quality & Culture to examine cultural competence.

Evidence: To earn the badge, students must provide documentation in form of  transcripts (unofficial or official) to support completion of a minimum of 6 units in the above courses and submit a copy of the results summary of the quiz (must earn 85% or above) here electronically or via paper copy to Dr. Jaime Hannans.

Badge Issuer: CSU Channel Islands Nursing Program

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