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IVIE: Influenza Vaccine Immunization Education | Digital Badges for CI

IVIE: Influenza Vaccine Immunization Education



Badge Title:  Influenza Vaccine Immunization Education (IVIE)

Target Audience: Nursing students planning to participate in administering flu vaccines

Brief Description: Completion of learning modules designed for preparation in administering flu vaccines.

Credit Description: IVIE stands for Influenza Vaccine Immunization Education.  Influenza Vaccine Immunization Education (IVIE) is a self-guided learning module for nursing students to gain training specific to the administration of influenza vaccine in organized clinics for communities of people.  Each component of IVIE is described at http://influenzaimmune.nursenevins.cikeys.com/about-ivie/

Credit Criteria:  To earn this badge the CI nursing student must complete the training on influenza immunization at influenzaimmune.nursenevins.cikeys.com following the outline below:

Read the objectives for IVIE

Take the pre-quiz to evaluate baseline knowledge

Complete all of the activities identified under training modules

Take the post-test, achieving a score greater than 85%

Practice IM injection and nasal spray administration in the Simulation Lab

The completion of each of the above items can be done at different times and not all at once. The entire training, including practice time in the simulation lab, is estimated at 1.5 hours of time. This badge expires one year after completing the training.

EvidenceComplete the IVIE online modules and post-test. Submit your verification using this form; complete the form to earn the badge. 

Badge Issuer: CSU Channel Islands Nursing Program


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