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Faculty-Mentored Student Research | Digital Badges for CI

Faculty-Mentored Student Research

Faculty-Mentored Student Research

Badge Name:  Faculty-Mentored Student Research

Target Audience: CSU Channel Islands Students

Description: CSU Channel Islands Mission Statement places students at the center of the educational experience. Faculty mentored student research practices is considered a high impact teaching-learning strategy which provides support in early research experiences, encourages thinking toward applying theory to practice, offers opportunities to participate in academic inquiry, and facilitates collaborative work experiences.  

Criteria: Individuals who earned this badge must have participated in faculty-mentored student research that is “initiated by faculty or by students, meets a discipline-appropriate standard of acceptability or make an original contribution to the integrative understanding of a significant local, global, multicultural or international question or problem, and results in dissemination in a venue appropriate for the type of work conducted” (CSU Channel Islands Student Research, 2016). An original letter of support from the faculty mentor* is required, describing the activities the student participated in related to research, including estimated number of hours of student  participation, types of research activities, level of involvement, and dissemination of results (plan for dissemination of results is adequate). The student must have completed and provide verification of completion* of a certification course addressing ethics in human subjects research as outlined by CSU Channel Islands IRB Training and Compliance. The student must be in good standing at the university at the time they have met the criteria to be awarded this badge.

Evidence: To earn the badge, students need to provide documentation via letter from a faculty member acknowledging and describing their participation in faculty-mentored student research activity.

Badge Issuer: CSU Channel Islands Nursing Program

*Faculty: Please click here to submit the student’s email address and letter of support.

*Students: Please click here to submit verification of completion of research training.

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