Top of the Class


Top of The Class

Badge Name:  Top of the Class

Target Audience: CSU Channel Islands Nursing Student graduates

Description: Grade point average (GPA) is a measure of academic achievement often aligned with commitment to learning, engagement in course content, and proactive behaviors toward one’s own learning. Each year the CSU Channel Islands Nursing Program recognizes one student in each cohort at the annual Nursing Pinning Ceremony for academic achievement based upon GPA.

Criteria:  Individuals who earned this badge were recognized as having the highest GPA in their cohort upon graduation in the nursing program. The student must be in good standing in the Nursing Program at the time they have met the criteria to be awarded this badge.

Evidence: Transcript and grade review is done by the program chair to determine the student who has earned this recognition.

Badge Issuer: CSU Channel Islands Nursing Program


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